The American Celtic Cattle Association®, located in Fort Morgan, CO, is a registry for American Celtic Cattle.  It is the only registry that owns and uses the original herd books and DNA for the progressive American Celtic Cattle producers.  It is our goal to maintain the integrity of the genetics of these cattle through original and precise herd books, DNA testing, and the ACCA License Agreement.  It is because of this goal that it is a requirement to have anyone who registers their cattle in the ACCA sign a license agreement and all animals must be DNA verified before being registered in the American Celtic Cattle Association®.


Need to transfer an existing animal? Here’s how:

1. When purchasing a registered animal purchaser and seller need to fill out the reverse side of the ACCA Registration form and a license agreement.

-If you purchased an animal that has an American Celtic Cattle Registration Certificate contact the ACCA office for a transfer form to fill out.

2. If you are not a member already and would like to be, fill out a membership application.

3. Send the Registration with the completed transfer, License agreement, Membership application (optional), and appropriate fees to the ACCA office.

DNA Procedure:

1.  Write the animal's Herd Prefix and tattoo number on the top line, the sire's herd prefix and tattoo number on the 2nd line, and the dam's herd prefix and tattoo number on the last line.

2.  Open the nasal swab and insert it into the nostril and firmly rub and roll the nasal swab against the wall of the nostril.  Smear the tissue onto the pad.

3.  Check to make sure the animal herd prefix and tattoo number on the sample card matches that of the animal just tested.  Allow it to dry and fold it over.



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